There Goes The Fear Again

I had been relatively into this diet coffee that’s been last year’s biggest buzz around the office.  The name’s not something that I would plan on hiding or censor in this blog. I mean come on, at least when something goes wrong with me at least some of you have at least something to suspect. Even when the doctors go beserk when they find this substance in my system, at least there will be people to blame.

Anyway, it’s promise of losing weight is actually acurate. And when the description of its effect at the back of the box says that it gives off a beautifying effect, it wasn’t at all lying. My lips were always red from all the blood because I was always almost dehydrated, and my face wa whiter than before due to lack of sleep and thus causing anemia. Another problem is that whoever was assigned to translate it from Russian to English didn’t attend school at all and was a big fan of gibberish. I am absolutely dehydrated!! And yes, my appetite lessened and well my water content went absolutely gaga!

The path to becoming humanly beautiful is exhausting. And hyperactive, too.