There are over 15 summer destinations in the Philippines that I’d like to try coming to this summer— a first in my almost twenty-something life– since I’ve got the money to spend and the people to bring with, all that’s missing is the perfect schedule.

Yet then again, I’d have to think about the priorities.

As I sighed to my seat the other day, I was approached by a rather unique thought as Jessica, my workmate who’s the same age as I, informed me of how old I seem to be. Well, not physically of course. People who know me by nature would much likely tell me how I look a lot like their kid sister or their eleven-year old kid. The thing is, the reason why she seemed to have slipped that thought from her estrange mouth was that I seemed to be handling all the responsibilities in the household.

I thought at first that that thought was rather selfish and so bravado-ish. Well, it is true that I was the first of us three happy kids who got a job at the age of teen-something; and yes, I was the only one among us three who’s gotten into a company and still struggles to continue working for it but I’m not really sure if I do seem to be handling all the mature stuff.

The reason why I sighed once more and thought deeply if I am getting a bit older these days is because to me, the only mature stuff an oddly old person should be handling once the teen years have begun to fade was the following:

– Having a boyfriend/girlfriend. I truly think that someone who’s gotten into a relationship would be totally mature is because in this day and age it’s even more difficult to stay in one. Due to all the recent temptations and emo-maniacs around (“I love him but he loves her”– does this ring a bell to you, bitch?), the only ones who can afford to survive a relationship and last forever into each other’s arms and beds are the ones who are mature enough to differentiate the real ones from the fake ones. And to make my point, I don’t have this yet.

– Graduating college and having a career. This I do not have yet of course. All my scholarship money have gone out of the window thanks to all the household expenses. And did I not mention how small my scholarship money is even for a state university? Oh yeah, it’s THAT small.

– I don’t have my own car. the gas prices have gone too high since the 60s.

– I don’t have my own house. Wait a minute, yes I do. I live in one. Shucks. Point one on the maturity stuff.

– I haven’t saved up yet for my “future”. Well, okay, I do have a t around one thousand pesos… nope that doesn’t count. Unless the prices go down. I mean really, really low.

I usually have a lot more to talk about (or write about) but then I’ve lost them at the back of my head thanks to all the friend invites I have in myspace. Anyway, I’m sure I’m not yet that old. I mean maturity is too general to think about. I guess an offer to take drugs and then declining it is one mature way to do– or an offer to become a slave for entertainment and then declining it, too, is also another way. Paying the bills, taking you’re siblings to the mall, buying the weekly groceries, budgeting for the whole family, and owning up to all the debts is also another way… I don’t know. I guess the reason why I don’t know is because nobody’s ever told me.

Blah. Blah. Blah. I better shut up now before I stuff my mouth with something.


Hazelnut Brownies

Lately I’ve had this strangest craving for ice cream. To the point that I’ve almost tasted every flavor there is in the market except for those pricey haagen daaz. Besides, my taste buds don’t really care about those lusty creamy flavor that Haagen Daaz could offer. What these buds do care about is which is much more accessible. Currently, my most favorite flavor in the Selecta bunch is this one,

The one in the middle is the one I’m craving for right now. Ugh. This must have been the stress of having to work in the wee hours of the night. Seriously, I do not care if it’s cold in the work place or not just as long as I get my cravings right. Hehe.


All we do is reminisce

I used to be a Multiply user back in high school when nobody really knew how to use it. I remember putting in the first blog entry that I had in mind which didn’t really made any sense at all.

All I knew then was that my heart was broken, and that’s how it should be ten years after. Hopefully, my heart feels broken everyday since then and still feels like it will be even after the tenth year.

But anyway, I found out something trivial on my facebook page today. Something that nobody would ever want to read.

Facebook page

Dang. It’s much better than this one.

Or worse..


Geez. The first blog entry I’ve ever made in my entire life is a mess.