John Mayer Live in Manila: Battle Studies World Tour

With special guests Michael Franti and Spearhed, this event will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds on May 16th! Tickets are now available including some items that are on sale for the event. Ticket pricing range for the early bird customers are from March 20, 2010 to April 15, 2010:
Silver PhP 4,224.00 (Reserved Seating);
Bronze PhP 1,689.60 With seats (First come, first served);
General Admission -No early-bird offer- Standing;

REGULAR (After April 15, 2010)
Silver PhP 5,280.00 Reserved Seating;
Bronze PhP 2,112.00 With seats (First come, first served);
General Admission PhP 633.60 (Standing).

For Premium seats please contact the Channel V Philippines office at 929-2151. Early bird promo rate until April 15 only!


Strenousity (if there ever was a word)

It was the first time I’ve ever been to a gym and I must say the experience was rewarding. I wasn’t really the type of person who’d be envious of how my body looked like yet I was more of into the healthy living thing this year so when the chance of getting fit had come, I took like it was some sort of money falling down from the sky. So the offer of coming with my workmates to go to the resident gym hit my like a freshly cooked burger from some mad person. I told them instantly that I had nothing to do with any of that kind of business but then again Queen had just been offered to go to their resident gym and then I knew that I had to go so at least when Queen invites me with her to do more of our strenuous jogging activities, I had at least a lot more of experience than her with the whole fitness stuff. The next day, I confirmed with my workmates that I’d be joining them on their next trip which was on the next Saturday. Rather, last Saturday. After confirming of my attendance, I instantly scrambled up some ideas of what to wear and what kinds of thing to bring. Although I had been running a couple of miles every Sunday mornings, like I said earlier I wasn’t serious about being a serious runner so I stuck mostly with my ever-reliable high top Chucks. Well, I used to use my old highschool rubber shoes but it sort of gotten too old so I just stayed with the ones I had been using lately. It sure damn right gave my feet a lot of calluses but I didn’t care. I did care however that I wouldn’t want the big guys in the gym to have me storming out of the gym while my work buddies stared out at me with PITY in their eyes. And so, I went to the mall to find myself some new shoes. Runner shoes for that matter since I have come to my senses and discovered that I liked doing that better than badminton OR basketball. Running shoes however are too price-y for my budget. The ones I liked but could only mope at were the following:

Isn’t this just too dreamy? Yet too expensive. I’m afraid I might be able to kill my toes if I ever get this worn out..

And this….

Well, if I do become a pro runner, I will get myself these. But at the moment, I bought myself some Fila running shoes that were on sale. They used to be pricey, but now their quite affordable. 😛

The time had arrived and through two nights of full sleep, I prepared myself for the inevitable tough training I was about to embark on. I’ve basked myself the night before Saturday with hardcore muscle movies that was available on Cable TV. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do anything as stupid as using the heavy equipments and just stick to the usual plan: the treadmill. I’ve always wanted to try that. 😛

But alas, since I was tagging along some “experts” to this type of “activity” eventually I was able to lift some dumbells and was only able to hang around the treadmill and bike for twenty minutes each. I tried almost every equipment my petite body can handle except for the 120s and 200-pound weights. I was like thirsty for more action.

The verdict? I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back next week. I can still feel the pain in my back up to this day and i’ve totally lost the apetite of a jog.


Today’s Opinion

WHAT IS WRONG WITH TODAY’S Philippine Cinema? Have we been overthrown by foreign films and the current events? Isn’t this just the best time to make a movie out of all the immense stress that our lifestyles have been doing to us?

Out of the eighteen movie photos that I happen to encounter this afternoon, there were only two pinoy movies that were out. One seemed extracted from pure sensible emotion while the other seemed to come from some bigtime producer’s pockets.

The first one was entitled “The Red Shoes” a film brought to life by Unitel Productions (the one responsible for Mark Meily’s “Crying Ladies”) starring Marvin Agustin and Nikki Gil. The first thought that came to my mind was that this must’ve been that Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank starred in. And then it suddenly came to me that that movie showed up years ago and that this one must be some new Gerard Butler film. But I was deceived by the color of the heels as I saw Marvin and Nikki’s profiles in the middle.


The story goes around a pair of red shoes that Agustin’s character stole from the former First lady Imelda Marcos during the 1986 EDSA Revolution to give to his love (portrayed by Nikki Gil). The synopsis seems interesting and I can’t wait to watch it this Friday.

The second movie is yet another failure from Star Cinema. The people that brought fancy and whim to my childhood seems to be loosing its charm nowadays which makes me think that this movie would probably hit bootleggers and DVD markets even sooner than you think.


I’ve never been a fan of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s love team ever since tehy were teamed up after that soap opera. I don’t know why. I’ve always been impressed with John Lloyd’s acting but Bea? I don’t know. She sure is pretty but I’ve never been convinced with her acting. It’s always seemingly too stiff and self-depriving.

So anyway, about the movie, I’ve read the synopsis and discovered that John Lloyd’s character gets torn with his past lover played by Bea (wow, I’ve never heard of that plot before..) and the present. I’m not sure how it ends since that’s just what the synopsis gave me but I’m not in to find it out.

And then, I happened to pass by the other side of our mall and found this other interesting flick (no seriously. I only found TWO interesting Filipino Flicks today) that’s about to open next month.

Romeo at Juliet seems like a contemporary take on the classic romance between two lovers. The movie will air in selected theaters in March 24 is about an unconventional story of star crossed lovers which I guess will finally end up tragically. It stars Alessandra De Rossi and Victor Basa.