Strenousity (if there ever was a word)

It was the first time I’ve ever been to a gym and I must say the experience was rewarding. I wasn’t really the type of person who’d be envious of how my body looked like yet I was more of into the healthy living thing this year so when the chance of getting fit had come, I took like it was some sort of money falling down from the sky. So the offer of coming with my workmates to go to the resident gym hit my like a freshly cooked burger from some mad person. I told them instantly that I had nothing to do with any of that kind of business but then again Queen had just been offered to go to their resident gym and then I knew that I had to go so at least when Queen invites me with her to do more of our strenuous jogging activities, I had at least a lot more of experience than her with the whole fitness stuff. The next day, I confirmed with my workmates that I’d be joining them on their next trip which was on the next Saturday. Rather, last Saturday. After confirming of my attendance, I instantly scrambled up some ideas of what to wear and what kinds of thing to bring. Although I had been running a couple of miles every Sunday mornings, like I said earlier I wasn’t serious about being a serious runner so I stuck mostly with my ever-reliable high top Chucks. Well, I used to use my old highschool rubber shoes but it sort of gotten too old so I just stayed with the ones I had been using lately. It sure damn right gave my feet a lot of calluses but I didn’t care. I did care however that I wouldn’t want the big guys in the gym to have me storming out of the gym while my work buddies stared out at me with PITY in their eyes. And so, I went to the mall to find myself some new shoes. Runner shoes for that matter since I have come to my senses and discovered that I liked doing that better than badminton OR basketball. Running shoes however are too price-y for my budget. The ones I liked but could only mope at were the following:

Isn’t this just too dreamy? Yet too expensive. I’m afraid I might be able to kill my toes if I ever get this worn out..

And this….

Well, if I do become a pro runner, I will get myself these. But at the moment, I bought myself some Fila running shoes that were on sale. They used to be pricey, but now their quite affordable. 😛

The time had arrived and through two nights of full sleep, I prepared myself for the inevitable tough training I was about to embark on. I’ve basked myself the night before Saturday with hardcore muscle movies that was available on Cable TV. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do anything as stupid as using the heavy equipments and just stick to the usual plan: the treadmill. I’ve always wanted to try that. 😛

But alas, since I was tagging along some “experts” to this type of “activity” eventually I was able to lift some dumbells and was only able to hang around the treadmill and bike for twenty minutes each. I tried almost every equipment my petite body can handle except for the 120s and 200-pound weights. I was like thirsty for more action.

The verdict? I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back next week. I can still feel the pain in my back up to this day and i’ve totally lost the apetite of a jog.


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