The Good Stuff

The Heat

The weather sucks, honestly. Everyone, even in the mall, now begins to smell skanky, or maanghit thanks to the hot humid air outside that’s caused by the rapid changes in the earth’s atmosphere. Last year, everyone were walking down the streets posing the newest styles in rain boots and now people are starting to carry all sorts of umbrellas. Keeping aside those transparent letter-U umbrellas which may of course cause massive skin cancer, everyone seems to be as grumpy as the weather too. Just like me in this blog. And the worse part is that you could hear everyone getting mad ’cause they’re all out of the house. Ugh. How sad.

I’ve been unemployed for exactly 3 weeks and two days now, and I have just realized the importance of saving water and, well, saving water. In these hot summerrific days, water is our one and only saving grace.  For some mundane reason, our subdivision’s water supply was cut which had also been another cause of rumble in our streets. Now we’re all expected to look like this everyday..

Well okay, that’s just me. But yet would anybody allow themselves to even look like this when they go to work? The obvious answer would be no, of course. And so for about four days in a row, my siblings and I have complained to the sudden loss of water in our subdivision.. by ranting it out on the tv. I’ve been glued to our couch, and my body’s resolution to the heat and water loss is to sweat constantly. Yep, I’m even sweating now as I think of the next words. Eventhough the door’s already opened for extra wind (oh right, even the wind is hot.) and since we don’t have any AC (my only resolve to this global warming thing is to lessen the chloroflourocarbons in the world…), the electric fan is on its full blast just to make sure that all three of us in the house are still keeping our cool despite the irritating weather.

Well, thank God even the people at the water district had sensed that the whole town of San Jose Del Monte have been stinking as hell due to this “kalbaryo”. And so this afternoon when I tool a bath, I braced myself to the heavy downpour of water spurting from the shower.. and I also had time to store enough water in case this happens again, soon.



I find it quite annoying when someone bosses other people around. It’s just so annoying to listen to people who whine about things that they pretend to be knowing when they really don’t, hence they force it on the ones that know and they squeeze it out just to get what they want. It’s just so stressful to sit there and, as much as you’d like to avoid it you just can’t help but hear the whole conversation. For instance, I was sitting in this internet cafe next to the technician (or the internet cafe guy who assists you on your disputes with their computers…) and then suddenly a woman approaches him about her SmartBro USB being corrupted and all. As the guy tries to troubleshoot the thing and tells her what to do and which to click, he suddenly configures that they must remove a certain virus from the USB and afterwards they’ll need to reboot the whole thing.. (sorry, I’m not really much of an evesdropper..). By the minute she hears the word “reboot” which might’ve been way over her mind, she raises her voice and asks the poor guy what else to do? “Should I buy a new USB?”, “Should I contact SmartBro and demand for a refund??”, “Should I buy a CD?”, “By reboot, does that mean..????”

The guy comforts her whiney ass, of course. He tells her that all they should do is to save the files to another folder (the back-up folder) and then do the rebooting. Since his explanation seemed to long for her bonker brain, she panicked even more. “Why? What else do I have to do??”, “Is it gonna be expensive?”, “A folder? I don’t need a folder! I need my USB to be usable again!” yadda, yadda, yadda……

Finally, the conclusion to this story is that the girl has finally been resucitated (kidding…), I mean, she realizes that there’s no need to spend anything, and that all they need to do is to transfer her files to another folder.

And the rest is history. Sigh. What a diva.