The Good Stuff

All The Time In The World


What is the purpose of doing nothing when you still got your mind wandering off elsewhere?

I’ve asked myself this question a billlion times this week as I tried waking up late in the morning. No matter what I do, I end up waking in the middle of the morning with my cat, Scared, purring on my side. I’ve tried alarm clocks but still I end up waking an hour ahead. As I watch the sun rise, I plan my day ahead.

Cook breakfast, feed the dogs, wash the plates, iron the laundry, sit and watch TV, finish this week’s book (this week’s offering: Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury novel, The Deer Leap) or at least as three to four chapters, fall into a deep slumber. Or whadyacallit? Oh yeah, take a nap. Upon waking up, take a bath, cook lunch, eat, and feed the dogs. Watch a DVD or just stare at the wall. You’ve been longing all of these for a long, long time now.

Yes. Staring at the wall is such a swell chore. It’s sort of like a therapy, too. But what does one have to do though when they don’t do anything at all? All the time in the world lies in seconds, instead of the occasional hours.

\”We Have All The Time In The World\” by Louis Armstrong

I guess it sounds argumentally bad, but would it be bad if I told you that I want to stay at home, no work or school to bother about, only for about a month? Would it be bad to go thinking about things and taking these lightly?

It sure sounds bad. I think. But why should I, or anybody, care about what other people should say? Can these people give me good food, nice clothes, a comforting home? I don’t think so.

So I guess, as absolutely unbelievable as I think this is, I’m happy, at least. That I get up every morning and think about whatever lies ahead of the day and not get into a panic state.


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