07/05/2010: Journalist Shot Dead; Ist Under New Government

I was walking towards the escalator on Hi-Way MRT, QC when I saw the headline on the Philippine Star today. Although it’s not much of a rarity to find that journalists in the Philippines are killed, harrassed or gunned, I find it shocking to learn that only within 5 days since the inauguration of President Benigno Simeoun Aquino III another one of our eyes and ears to the nation is found dead on the comforts of their home.

75-year old radio commentator Jose Daguio was shot dead in his home in Tabuk City by unknown gunmen using a 12-gauge shotgun.

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I am quite alarmed by this issue since I’m an aspiring journalist myself. I hope that the new administration would do its best to protect our journalists in a way that would not hinder them from speaking their minds or protecting the truth from the public eye.