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Got Meat?

As if this isn’t enough to convince you that killing animals is cruel.

My brother, who’s an avid fan of anything meaty and unusually spicy, purchased this chopped version of a pig’s head for last week’s meal. I’m not entirely a green-loving, veggie person but I’m not an animal murderer either. I love my pets too much to consider this as food. We’ve scared 5 guests last week upon showing this image to them. Look at it staring back.

My sister, who arranged the meat to look this way (literally) scared me by showing this along with a couple of “eye” jokes. Neither one of us two ate the eyes. We were somehow thankful that the rest are just bones filled with a little scraps of meat. But this sure is one picture we couldn’t take our eyes off. Literally.


2 thoughts on “Got Meat?”

  1. hahaha. NOrah Jones’ does it go again?…
    ah..From Norah Jones’ “Thinking About You”

    “yesterday, I SAW…”-

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