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Relevance, Bitch.


For most people who might’ve read my blogs religiously like hot pandesals in the morning (gaddamit, do your own research on what pandesals are), you would never sense any signs of longing, or emotional capacities to another mankind in any of the posts that I have.

Well, I do admit that other than movies, the only other topic I’ve ever mentioned is about the weather (The Heat), something I’ve read in the news, and a famous writer. Anything else that’s extremely personal always end up in the trash. Or in my drafts. But because time is of the essence, I prefer discussing things that are much more relevant to the public. Relevant other than my personal affairs with the highly oppossite sex (he still knows it’s always gonna be about him. Specially if it’s highly bitter of me to talk about love). Because most of all, people in the world of cyber (I never use the term ‘netizen’. It’s like some cranky lady made it up to sound like they know what they’re talking about but really? Are you kidding me??) Do not care if you’ve just been dumped, or if the only person you learnt to love couldn’t love you back, because it’s just plain simple: Nobody CARES unless you’re some huge celebrity whose desperately in need of attention to rise up back to their materialisic throne.

Otherwise,just get your act together, get some new friends or old friends to talk to and just blog about something relevant like that new smile on your face after having lunch on that creperie that’s worth discussing about. I’d rather read that than some blog about some ex you met at the mall.

Well anyway, there isn’t any reason for me to this blog. I thought about writing about that guy again but it doesn’t really matter. I’ve written endless about him, in my journal. And to my previous blog sites. Nobody ever read them, not even him, because—-



stuck.battleship potemkin.


I did tell you once before that i like Movies. A lot .
i also like discussing how long it would take for mr tp not see one in months.well it hasnt been months but ive noticed how visually empty i am these days.

There’s eisenstein’s battleship potemkin, which promises the brilliance of the man who first used the montage technique. I have yet to see it.or maybe i will…


Before Sunset

Nine years after that fateful summer of ’94 when Jesse and Celine met at a train that was heading to Vienna and Paris, the two meet again unexpectedly on a Parisian bookstore. Jesse (played by Ethan Hawke, who now looks like he portrayed Christian Bale’s role in The Machinist and no longer looks innocent) is on his last leg of book signing for his successful novel in Paris at the Shakespeare and Co.  The book is apparently an autobiographical novel about that day nine years ago when he and Celine met entitled This Time. While talking to the press and the audiences about the book, flashbacks of that day nine years ago are shown, clearly depicting that his memory of that day hasn’t been tarnished. Minutes later while giving the press bits of his next book, which is derived from his married life, he finds Celine staring at him from inside the bookstore.

Okay, I won’t spoil much into the movie anymore. I encourage you to watch this movie (if and only if you’ve seen the first one, Before Sunrise) to find out whether or not Celine and Jesse ends up with one another.

The whole vibe of this movie is a bit extremely melancholy than the first film. Probably because one keeps finding out whatever happened to these two souls. Since this movie is like the “future” of the two souls that met nine years ago on a train in Europe, through Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy’s simple yet rich dialogue and storytelling of the lives of the two souls brings us to different conclusions even at the beginning of the movie.