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Relevance, Bitch.


For most people who might’ve read my blogs religiously like hot pandesals in the morning (gaddamit, do your own research on what pandesals are), you would never sense any signs of longing, or emotional capacities to another mankind in any of the posts that I have.

Well, I do admit that other than movies, the only other topic I’ve ever mentioned is about the weather (The Heat), something I’ve read in the news, and a famous writer. Anything else that’s extremely personal always end up in the trash. Or in my drafts. But because time is of the essence, I prefer discussing things that are much more relevant to the public. Relevant other than my personal affairs with the highly oppossite sex (he still knows it’s always gonna be about him. Specially if it’s highly bitter of me to talk about love). Because most of all, people in the world of cyber (I never use the term ‘netizen’. It’s like some cranky lady made it up to sound like they know what they’re talking about but really? Are you kidding me??) Do not care if you’ve just been dumped, or if the only person you learnt to love couldn’t love you back, because it’s just plain simple: Nobody CARES unless you’re some huge celebrity whose desperately in need of attention to rise up back to their materialisic throne.

Otherwise,just get your act together, get some new friends or old friends to talk to and just blog about something relevant like that new smile on your face after having lunch on that creperie that’s worth discussing about. I’d rather read that than some blog about some ex you met at the mall.

Well anyway, there isn’t any reason for me to this blog. I thought about writing about that guy again but it doesn’t really matter. I’ve written endless about him, in my journal. And to my previous blog sites. Nobody ever read them, not even him, because—-



2 thoughts on “Relevance, Bitch.”

  1. Hey, your site seems lacking in SEO. I can see some pretty major flaws, care for me to comment on this issue?
    Please allow me to be spontaneous and post random stuff and quotes. I mean no harm.
    I don’t have a website yet, but I’m planning on starting a blog like yours, any tips?
    This page rocks, keep up the good work.

    General Brain Failure. (A)bort, (R)etry, (I)gnore, (O)h.

    1. I just saw your website and it’s you’ve had a lot of topics to discuss…. It really boils down to what you want to discuss to everyone, like how I like talking about movies or some stuff and somehow people end up reading them. It’s a little weird for me cause I’ve actually just made these stuff on some parts of my day (except for the movies… of course..) and since I love movies, I write/type about them. So I guess my advice is to just stick with that concept on mind, put it in paper or in any available piece of paper and just write it down. I hope this helps. 🙂

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