stuck.battleship potemkin.


I did tell you once before that i like Movies. A lot .
i also like discussing how long it would take for mr tp not see one in months.well it hasnt been months but ive noticed how visually empty i am these days.

There’s eisenstein’s battleship potemkin, which promises the brilliance of the man who first used the montage technique. I have yet to see it.or maybe i will…


2 thoughts on “stuck.battleship potemkin.”

    1. I haven’t actually finished it yet because of my busted dvd player (although I saw the signs that it wanted me to give it a rest, even just for one day but I just couldn’t listen…), I was really into it the second time I tried watching it. so far my fave part was the second act when the working soldiers (i think) were protesting against the upper soldiers because of the maggots found in their meat..

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