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I was fifteen, you were sixteen
We lived in a world full of innocence.
You told me things I’d bear in mind
Til I was ninety..
Your words were full of decadence,
I didn’t know they were mixed with uncertainty.
Your face seemed so kind.

Now we’ve taken all our textbooks
Kept them in boxes and in hiding..
And the rest as you say is history.

I was nineteen, you were twenty
The world I live in hasn’t changed
But yours have, including you.
Still you seek refuge in me,
Would you merry me if I helped you?
Catch the girl of your fantasies?

But you said,
All our textbooks have been hidden
On attics we never want to visit
like This old memory of you and me,
everything’s History.

Not everything repeats the way it should,
Especially with the same people
especially you and me.
now stop it if you could,
Bragging that you’re better off without me
i know better now, i know better..
I know better now,
Everything’s history.


Jennifer’s Body Should’ve Just Died There and Then

I just saw Jennifer’s body last night on DVD. About a year after it was released in theaters worldwide, this second movie written and produced by Juno’s Diablo Cody and also co-produced by director Jason Reitman is about a teenage demon bombshell who feeds on men to maintain her beauty and longevity. The movie stars Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, JK Simmons, and Amy Sedaris. I was excited to see the movie the first time it was on Cody’s twitter tweets but apparently I wasn’t able to see it due to some difficulties in my work schedule.

And boy was my decision not to see it the best decisions I’ve ever made in 2009. I praise Cody’s witty three liner-dialogues in Juno and in United States of Tara (the TV show in Showtime and HBO) but somehow she made everyone in the movie talk like her or like Juno. I felt that the lines of both Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried were contrived (listening to Fox say “Don’t go Benny Hanna on me..” or “You’re such a Jelo, Chip” is just utterly distracting and forced.) and unnecessary. I was lost in all the mumbo jumbo language that I almost had to force my sister to return the DVD (wait, we can still do that sis.) and never to watch it again. Although the story seemed to be a bit interesting, everything was just too disappointing. It’s like watching a modern day Dario Argento movie without Daria Niccolodi in it with dialogues sprung out from the comic bookish world.

I would still be looking forward to any Diablo Cody movie, but I just hope that it would be much, much better than this.

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I Wante Youw Soo Bad Itz Driveng Me Madd

In this vast changing world of the techy and the gadgety, I find myself caught in between dimensions of the new and the old world. I love old movies, as well as those 3D movies they all have now. I still find it amazing when a photographer takes snapshots using analog cameras. And better yet, I still find writing my stories in my old school notebooks (or on sheets and sheets of pad paper) much relaxing that typing it into this computer.

But I’m not one to differ from my generation, I do have social network sites and I was amazed at how communication was stretched out and made easy through these sites. I’ve had friendster, multiply, myspace, yahoo messenger, twitter, and of course, I’m also on Facebook.

I’ve just canceled my Friendster due to some unnecessary message I got from someone I used to pretend I like. I’ve added friends, knew bands through these sites, and the best and worst of the part of getting to stay connected with almost everyone you’ve met in you’re life is the fact that you can stay connected with the ones you couldn’t find in the streets.

That one person that got away.

When I was younger, he read my very first blog. He wasn’t that dumb enough not to figure out that it was about him. But as soon as the time came, and he had to go away, and I had to let him get away, I removed him from my list of friends with the hopes of finally moving forward with my real life and with my unrealistic life.

When I got into Facebook, I was glad that he wasn’t there either. A year and a half months after, I was shocked to find his glowing face on the side of the screen, under the “people you may know” section. I thought about how I was already over him and I added him, just like old friends. But the thing with people in your life that you wish didn’t get away is that when they somehow get back in your life, and you just can’t help but get them back. And to my recovering state, I found that theory a threat. I did what I try to do best and removed him from my circle of growing Facebook friends.

But I added him up again just a few months ago.  And then, a couple of weeks after, I saw him on a Tagged Photo trend, clicked on his photo and saw the closely related reaction…

We’re no longer friends, even in the cyberworld.

I know, I know. It’s ridiculous to even tread on this path again. But the thing is I feel like the joke was kinda returned back on me, y’know. I felt weird. I felt like he really hated me not only in person but in any other worlds..

Then again, I guess we were never friends to begin with anyway. We weren’t even lovers. Nothing. Blanko. Zero. Nil.