Jennifer’s Body Should’ve Just Died There and Then

I just saw Jennifer’s body last night on DVD. About a year after it was released in theaters worldwide, this second movie written and produced by Juno’s Diablo Cody and also co-produced by director Jason Reitman is about a teenage demon bombshell who feeds on men to maintain her beauty and longevity. The movie stars Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, JK Simmons, and Amy Sedaris. I was excited to see the movie the first time it was on Cody’s twitter tweets but apparently I wasn’t able to see it due to some difficulties in my work schedule.

And boy was my decision not to see it the best decisions I’ve ever made in 2009. I praise Cody’s witty three liner-dialogues in Juno and in United States of Tara (the TV show in Showtime and HBO) but somehow she made everyone in the movie talk like her or like Juno. I felt that the lines of both Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried were contrived (listening to Fox say “Don’t go Benny Hanna on me..” or “You’re such a Jelo, Chip” is just utterly distracting and forced.) and unnecessary. I was lost in all the mumbo jumbo language that I almost had to force my sister to return the DVD (wait, we can still do that sis.) and never to watch it again. Although the story seemed to be a bit interesting, everything was just too disappointing. It’s like watching a modern day Dario Argento movie without Daria Niccolodi in it with dialogues sprung out from the comic bookish world.

I would still be looking forward to any Diablo Cody movie, but I just hope that it would be much, much better than this.


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