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I was fifteen, you were sixteen
We lived in a world full of innocence.
You told me things I’d bear in mind
Til I was ninety..
Your words were full of decadence,
I didn’t know they were mixed with uncertainty.
Your face seemed so kind.

Now we’ve taken all our textbooks
Kept them in boxes and in hiding..
And the rest as you say is history.

I was nineteen, you were twenty
The world I live in hasn’t changed
But yours have, including you.
Still you seek refuge in me,
Would you merry me if I helped you?
Catch the girl of your fantasies?

But you said,
All our textbooks have been hidden
On attics we never want to visit
like This old memory of you and me,
everything’s History.

Not everything repeats the way it should,
Especially with the same people
especially you and me.
now stop it if you could,
Bragging that you’re better off without me
i know better now, i know better..
I know better now,
Everything’s history.