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Movie of the Week: Cracks (2009)

Starring Eva Green, Juno Temple, and Maria Valverde. This debut film by Jordan Scott is set in the 1930’s at a dormitory school in London (I think). Green plays Ms. G, a teacher who guides a group of girls who treat every word she utters like it’s gold spurting out of a drain pipe to learn how to dive “artistically”.

Juno Temple, whom you may be familiar of for her roles in Atonement (as the nosy cousin who gets raped..) as well as Year One (she plays opposite Michael Cera.) plays the role of Di, the leader of the group of girls who seem to live and breathe every praise Ms. G gives to her. But then, she looses her confidence and her ego when a Spanish aristocrat “princess” named Fiamma arrives at their school and is assigned to their group, played by Maria Valvedra (a Spanish actress more famous for her role in the movie Maria P.). Almost everyone, especially Ms. G gets intimidated not only for Fiamma’s social standing but also for her looks, talents, and spirit.

Fiamma, who at the beginning shows off her extremely talented skills at diving has somewhat a history of being a rebel back in Spain..  something which I couldn’t pick up at the beginning but I figured maybe that’s what made her even more interesting to the eyes of Ms. G.

Eva Green is really, really creepy here although you wouldn’t notice it at first. Juno Temple plays the “ingitera” (jealous) roles quite well. But then again she’s a good actress too so that shouldn’t be much of a big deal. Maria came to a shock to me this morning when I found out that she’s 3 years older than me. I thought she’d be three or six years younger. She plays the role very well especially when the girls chase her after the St. Agnes incident. You’ll have to see this movie to find out what I’m talking about. Plus, you’ll figure out why it’s called “Cracks” too. 😛

Anyway… I should get some sleep. Next movie to watch: A Single Man


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