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TFMC #493: Love, Actually

I didn’t post this just now because I’m bitter and single. Well, just ignore what I said as well if that wasn’t what you were thinking. But anyway, since I got laid back from posting accurately due to some duties that I had to do, I can assure you though that I have not stopped watching movies. Hence, with or without a date, I watched one of the most romantic movies in whole universe.

#493: Love, Actually (Feb. 14, 2011)

Written and directed by Richard Curtis. Starring a cast of British and American actors including Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Keira Knightly, Martine McCutcheon, Hugh Grant, Kris Marshall, Heike Makatsch, Martin Freeman, Chiwetel Eijofor, Andrew Lincoln, and the super hotness Rodrigo Santino. I’ve seen this a lot of times already but since my dvd only reads original discs and divx, I picked this for my valentine movie instead.

And yes, this blog was supposedly done on Monday but like I keep mentioning to you (whoever you are out there) I’m a busy person.

Anyways, Love, Actually is a great film to watch fresh. When I say fresh, I mean it like how we filipinos like eating our pandesals: hot and freshly served with butter or any other palamans you could think of stuffing into a pandesal. Never google it nor check it out on wikipedia or at for it’s summary. And for the sake of this statement, I am not going to give you a summary of this film.

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Sundays On HBO

Feb. 14, 2011 at 12:51 AM. Late posting due to some laundry duties ^^

I just hung around the house last sunday and since my dvd player is still not cooperating much with all the Criterion collection dvds that we currently have unwatched, I resorted to my first love: television.

By the way, I spoke with fellow cinephile, film auditoire Adrian Mendizabal and he and I are collaborating on the 500 Movie Challenge. Since I already started, he and another cinephile friend of ours will begin tonight. I’ll be posting the revisions later..

Meanwhile… Since I did spend my sunday night (and valentines day) watching cable tv, here are three movies I saw over the weekend via HBO.

#496: Mona Lisa Smile (February 13, 2011)

 I initially drafted a huge paragraph about how I first saw this movie in HBO and how I loved the costumes and the characters but then again, as I look back to it now at this very minute, I feel like I’m lying to myself.

This movie is obviously not about the famous painting whose smile still remains a huge mystery to almost everybody. Although at some point in the movie they made a reference of this painting since the main character played by Julia Roberts is an art professor at Wellesley College, an all girls university in the 1950s. If you’ve listened carefully to your history professor, you might be aware that back in the fifties, women were only allowed to do several purposes and duties. Watch this film to know what those are and get back to me to see if it fits your description of the world in the 1950s. What I didn’t like about watching this though was the amount of characters my eyes could follow, and I remember thinking how much I didn’t like Maggie Gyllenhall when I first saw this movie.. I like her now though.

Anyway, this movie is a goody good movie. For art lovers as well as writers who are currently under writer’s block and wants to be better than Kirsten Dunst’s role.

#494: Hachiko


I’m in the search for Akita dogs because of this movie. All I ever said while watching this was one big “Awwww.. such a cutie!” to the point that I realized all I ever said was that. And of course, I cried during the part when his master played by a handsome Richard Gere died and Hachi just kept coming back to the train station, hoping that his master will come back. It’s a nice film, simple and tons of emotions.

# 494: It’s Complicated

 I never expected to like this film. When I say like, I mean it in a sincere manner. I didn’t like the trailer but I was quite amused and satisfied to it’s story. About divorcees with benefits. It stars Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, and Steve Martin who amazingly was not the main comic in this movie. Also stars John Krasinsky, Lake Bell, Mary Kay Place, Rita Wilson and a lot of Meryl Streep’s cooking.


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Movie #497: Last Tango In Paris

February 12, 2011

I saw this film about a year ago but chose to watch it again for this list last night. What attracts me most about this movie is the fact that Marlon Brando is in it (thanks to my sister’s heavy influence to me regarding Brando’s existence) and for the fact that I like Maria Schneider’s fashion sense (and her hair) and because it’s a Bertolucci film.

A young Frenchwoman begins a sensual affair with a widowed, middle-aged American businessman whom lays out the grounds that they won’t reveal their names, talk about almost anything without providing any details about their identities in real life, and their relationship be mostly concentrated on sex. Marlon Brando (Streetcar Named Desire) plays the middle-aged american, Maria Schneider (The Passenger) plays Jeane, also stars Jean- Pierre Leaud (The 400 Blows) as Tom, Jeane’s artsy-actor boyfriend.

This film is unlikely famous because of the butter scene wherein Brando shoves in a chunkful of butter into Schneider’s rear in which she confesses in an interview that the scene was real, and that she felt raped and manipulated by both Bertolucci and Brando. But according to Brando’s autobiographer Patricia Bosworth’s book, he and Schneider remained friends until his death in July 2004. He thought of Schneider as a daughter-slash-sister(which I thought was a bit creepy especially in one scene wherein he was giving Jeane a bath) and they were said to have had a really good friendship.

I fell asleep towards the end but I watched it again though as I woke up. For art aficionados, Francis Bacon’s works are shown in the opening credits, too. For Paris enthusiasts, most of the scenes are centered on beautiful Parisian bridgewalks. For gore-lovers, there’s a scene wherein Brando talks to his dead wife and where the clean-up lady cleans the bathroom where his wife killed himself. For french-learning, english-speaking peeps, be sure to switch on the subtitles for english because most of the conversations (no matter how American Brando sounds like) are in french.

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Movie # 499 Part Two.. and Introducing Mr. Nobody

Father of the Bride II (Feb. 10 and not Feb 9)

I’ve seen this lot’s of times on cable and yet I have not started it nor finished it. It stars Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Kimberly Williams-Paisley. According to wikipedia, and as fas as I know it’s the sequel to Father of The Bride and a remake and a sequel to the 1951 film (staring Elizabeth Taylor) Father’s Little Dividend.  In FOTB2, George Banks comically accepts the reality that his daughter (whom got married in the first film) ascends from womanhood to motherhood. It’s a film that won’t fail to make you laugh your childish heart out.

#498 Mr. Nobody (Feb. 11, 2011)

***MY OFFICIAL entry to Sandra Knox A. Balbastro’s invitation on facebook (Watch a Challenging Film today @ 12PM).

Mr.Nobody is a 2009 belgian science fiction flick which stars Jared Leto.

NEMO Nobody lives an ordinary life alongside his wife Elise (played by Sarah Polley) and their 3 kids until one day he wakes up in the year 2092. He is then at 118 years old, and both the oldest and the only living mortal since everyone doesn’t die anymore and sex is considered to be an obscenity. That fact doesn’t concern him though. The questions he has for himself is whether or not he lived the life he should have lived, he loved the woman he should have loved, have been the father to the right children, and chose the right decisions in his life.

He recounts his life to a reporter played by Daniel Mays. He tells him how he was as a cherubim being picked out by angels to be his parents’ only born child, how his parents met (in an explicable camera angle inclusive of Buddy Holly and The Cricket’s Everyday as the background theme), how their marriage was torn appart and how he had to chose between the life that will unfold once he picked out which parent he’d chose to live with.

As strange and unusual as his story telling, Mr. Nobody tells two different version of his teenage life, one while living with his mother, one while living with his father. Written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, also stars Diane Kruger, Sarah Polley, Linh Dan Pham, Rhys Ifans (as his father) and Natalie Little (as his mother). This movie will make you wonder and often times will make you want to curse the writer for making the plot so confusing at times but the ending answers almost—- everything. Just make sure not to leave your seat for you not to miss out on every detail of this movie(isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for every movie you watch? well, except for Valentine’s day I guess.You can leave anytime you want and won’t miss a thing.. :P).  Jared Leto gave yet another incredible performance both as an old man, as a husband to a borderline-disorder wife in one reality and to a loveless asian wife. I was just wondering though why on earth doesn’t he have a british accent? Same with Diane Kruger (who seems like at some point in time she’s gonna blurt out something in german) who plays Anna whose younger counterpart is played by british actress Juno Temple (whom yet again does a good job in being! ).

I’ll try and watch this again tonight. 🙂

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Movie 500 and 499

Okay, well thanks a lot to my dvd player I was not able to watch yesterday. But anyway, I’m planning on moving the date to Saturday so I wouldn’t carry too much backlogs.. but then again I realized my dad will be arriving on Friday thus reducing my chances on completing this challenge. Hence, let’s start today and include the first ones I watched on the 7th and, well, on the 7th. Oh and I believe I saw one today, too. 🙂

500. Definitely, Maybe (Feb. 7/8, 2011)

– Starring Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Abigail Breslin. This is just like the movie Serendipity and Got To Believe (a pinoy flick starring Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto), it’s effortlessly romantic. Plus, Reynolds can seem to be paired with almost everyone one the planet (including her now ex-wife, Scarlett Johanssen. Could you believe that bi….rch?!) and it would not look very awkward. Also known as “Love Diaries”, directed by Adam Brooks, this movie is about a political consultant, Will Hayes (Reynolds), who currently works in an advertising company that, to quote “forces kids to eat Cap’n Crunch instead of Fruit Loops”, tries to explain to his daughter Maya (Breslin) his impending divorce and the three serious relationships he had before he met her mother. He introduces to her Emily (Banks), his college girlfriend in Wisconsin who apparently cheats with his roommate while he’s in New York for an internship with then presidential candidate Bill Clinton. And then while he tells her how he used to dream of becoming the president, and the unfortunate event of him revealing to her that he once smoked cigarettes, he introduces her to “copy girl” or April (Fisher). He and April become good friends up until April decides to quit her parttime job as a copy girl and travels the world as advised by Will. Before he left Madison, Wisconsin Emily asks him to return the diary of her old college roommate named Summer Hartley. He meets Summer (Weisz) in her apartment along with her college professor. He falls in love with her up until she writes up a scandal about Will’s boss and then he meets up with April, he breaks it to her that he’s in love with Summer, she goes away, he ends up his relationship with Summer, and then he and Emily get back together until..

Well, you have to watch it to find out a) who Maya’s mother is and b) what happens in the ending, c) who seems to be fit for Will, and d) will Will and his wife get back in the end?

I’ve seen this lots of times. Best viewed while eating double dutch ice cream and a broken heart. 😛

499. Father of The Bride  (Feb. 9, 2011)

Still generating my thoughts.. will come back later. Sorry! 🙂


The 500 Film Challenge

Alright, the news is Angelo Reyes just alledgedly killed himself today. All I know is that he’s used to be a DILG secretary and that he still works with the government when he died.. and that lately his name is being linked to the latest AFP corruption hearing. Another sad thing to consider other than his death is the burden that will or might be left to his family. May his soul somehow rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I forgot to tell you (whoever you are out there) about last weekend’s movie escapade. Since I’ve decided to keep things highly related to my passion for movies, I am inspired by the movie Julie and Julia to challenge myself for this year.

It’s not a resolution, ’cause I believe resolutions are things you aim to change about yourself within the year. Watching movies is not something I’ve done yesterday. It began the minute my parents brought my siblings and I to the movie theatre in Megamall and watched The Lion King. I even peed my diapers in excitement to Mufassa (please do correct me if I spelled him incorrectly). That was like a billion years ago but nonetheless, I challenge myself to write 500 movie experiences (I dare not want to use the term “review”. I know how hard it is to make a movie and I don’t want to pin a movie down to extreme criticisms no matter how bad they might seem..) in 365 beginning last night! The goal is to finish 500 movies (no matter how many in a day) and write (or type) the experience I had in watching them. I must finish a year from last night (meaning, February 7, 2012)..

March 5, 2011

As an amendment to this challenge, please visit for additional info. And if you also want to view other challengers’ blogs. 🙂

Special thanks to Adrian for the poster. 🙂

11 November 2011

Changing the title of this to The 500 Film Challenge after searching on Google that a dude on Facebook has used the title The 500 Movie Challenge and has created a page about this about two years ago. Don’t wanna cause any conflict with any guy on other parts of the world.

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The Black Swan

In this latest Aronofsky flick, Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayers,a veteran ballerina in a New York Ballet Company who wins the lead role in the Company’s latest show The Swan Lake. With this opportunity she immediately replaces the Company’s lead star played by Wynona Ryder but in the process of finally getting the spotlight, Sayers enters into a delusional phase of peer pressure and compulsiveness. Although she’s proven to be fit for the delicate role of the White Swan– Princess Odette, she’s yet to prove to the show’s director played by Vincent Cassel that she can also portray the Black Swan. Sayers eventually loses her mind assuming that an evil twin follows her home, and that one of her colleagues played by Mila Kunis plays a bit of a lesbo tricks on her just to get her part. To sum up this movie, Aronofsky carefully picks out one of the best orchestras to play the soundtrack for this film (along with the music that seems just right for Portman’s delusional scenes), he also picked the best actors, and he also turned a simple story into a creepy, unconventional film to remember. I can now say that this is one of the best ballerina films I’ve ever seen, well I guess since Centerstage.