The 500 Film Challenge

Alright, the news is Angelo Reyes just alledgedly killed himself today. All I know is that he’s used to be a DILG secretary and that he still works with the government when he died.. and that lately his name is being linked to the latest AFP corruption hearing. Another sad thing to consider other than his death is the burden that will or might be left to his family. May his soul somehow rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I forgot to tell you (whoever you are out there) about last weekend’s movie escapade. Since I’ve decided to keep things highly related to my passion for movies, I am inspired by the movie Julie and Julia to challenge myself for this year.

It’s not a resolution, ’cause I believe resolutions are things you aim to change about yourself within the year. Watching movies is not something I’ve done yesterday. It began the minute my parents brought my siblings and I to the movie theatre in Megamall and watched The Lion King. I even peed my diapers in excitement to Mufassa (please do correct me if I spelled him incorrectly). That was like a billion years ago but nonetheless, I challenge myself to write 500 movie experiences (I dare not want to use the term “review”. I know how hard it is to make a movie and I don’t want to pin a movie down to extreme criticisms no matter how bad they might seem..) in 365 beginning last night! The goal is to finish 500 movies (no matter how many in a day) and write (or type) the experience I had in watching them. I must finish a year from last night (meaning, February 7, 2012)..

March 5, 2011

As an amendment to this challenge, please visit http://adrianmendizabal.blogspot.com/2011/02/500-film-challenge.html for additional info. And if you also want to view other challengers’ blogs. 🙂

Special thanks to Adrian for the poster. 🙂

11 November 2011

Changing the title of this to The 500 Film Challenge after searching on Google that a dude on Facebook has used the title The 500 Movie Challenge and has created a page about this about two years ago. Don’t wanna cause any conflict with any guy on other parts of the world.


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