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Movie 500 and 499

Okay, well thanks a lot to my dvd player I was not able to watch yesterday. But anyway, I’m planning on moving the date to Saturday so I wouldn’t carry too much backlogs.. but then again I realized my dad will be arriving on Friday thus reducing my chances on completing this challenge. Hence, let’s start today and include the first ones I watched on the 7th and, well, on the 7th. Oh and I believe I saw one today, too. 🙂

500. Definitely, Maybe (Feb. 7/8, 2011)

– Starring Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Abigail Breslin. This is just like the movie Serendipity and Got To Believe (a pinoy flick starring Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto), it’s effortlessly romantic. Plus, Reynolds can seem to be paired with almost everyone one the planet (including her now ex-wife, Scarlett Johanssen. Could you believe that bi….rch?!) and it would not look very awkward. Also known as “Love Diaries”, directed by Adam Brooks, this movie is about a political consultant, Will Hayes (Reynolds), who currently works in an advertising company that, to quote “forces kids to eat Cap’n Crunch instead of Fruit Loops”, tries to explain to his daughter Maya (Breslin) his impending divorce and the three serious relationships he had before he met her mother. He introduces to her Emily (Banks), his college girlfriend in Wisconsin who apparently cheats with his roommate while he’s in New York for an internship with then presidential candidate Bill Clinton. And then while he tells her how he used to dream of becoming the president, and the unfortunate event of him revealing to her that he once smoked cigarettes, he introduces her to “copy girl” or April (Fisher). He and April become good friends up until April decides to quit her parttime job as a copy girl and travels the world as advised by Will. Before he left Madison, Wisconsin Emily asks him to return the diary of her old college roommate named Summer Hartley. He meets Summer (Weisz) in her apartment along with her college professor. He falls in love with her up until she writes up a scandal about Will’s boss and then he meets up with April, he breaks it to her that he’s in love with Summer, she goes away, he ends up his relationship with Summer, and then he and Emily get back together until..

Well, you have to watch it to find out a) who Maya’s mother is and b) what happens in the ending, c) who seems to be fit for Will, and d) will Will and his wife get back in the end?

I’ve seen this lots of times. Best viewed while eating double dutch ice cream and a broken heart. 😛

499. Father of The Bride  (Feb. 9, 2011)

Still generating my thoughts.. will come back later. Sorry! 🙂


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