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T5MC #492: Winter Passing

I’ve missed out on a lot of days to publish all of my blogs but rest assured I have kept a list in my physical journal of all the movies I’ve watched since day one of The 500 Movie Challenge. I’m so glad that some of my Cinephile friends have joined in the challenge, too.

Speaking of which, if you (whoever you are) are interested in joining, please do refer to this page:

February 17, 2011

I’ve already seen this last year but at the moment I have no other option but to select from my VCD collections since I have no time to argue with Coby the DVD player.  I’ve seen this movie though through cable a couple of years back but since I was so young and so naive then to understand why Zooey Deschanel, who was already my idol then, had to have a love scene in this movie.

But anyway, I’m a woman now and I’ve gone past that stage. And besides, the love scenes weren’t that important anyways. This 2005 indie drama film is Adam Rapp’s directorial debut about an actress Reese Holden(Deschanel) who’s been offered a small fortune by a publisher (Amy Madigan) only for her to go back to Michigan and locate the “lost love letters” her father, a reclusive novelist Don Holden (Ed Harris), had exchanged with her mother who’s also a novelist within the height of their careers.

Reese returns back to Michigan despite her feud with her father to retrieve the letters. However, she finds that her childhood home is now being occupied by two strangers played by Will Ferrell and Amelia Warner. Ferrell plays the strange Christian musician Corbit (whom Deschanel had already starred with a few years back in Elf). His performance made me forget that he was once or maybe several times.. funny. Warner plays Shelley, Don Holden’s former student whom Reese at one point accuses of sleeping with her father.

The setting made me feel like I was indeed watching a depressing, small budget movie. But I like how it made me feel that way. There were however little details that I still couldn’t put my finger into like when Reese threw her kitten in the lake.


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