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August 27, 2010

Medical Examinee

As I move on with a new environment, it is most likely to encounter the initial processes of having a job: the medical examinations. Being fortunate to get a job at sixteen and a half, I admit I was a bit ecstatic. Getting paid and getting the things you wanted because you worked hard for it is really a posh thing to experience and I was looking forward to that. But nobody ever told me that amidst all the job interviews, IQ tests and Personality tests that almost all aspiring employees are required to take the medical exams. Sounds like a piece of cake, but it isn’t.

I was sixteen and a half. I already had my father’s consent to work. And although I look like I just graduated Elementary school, I held my chin high and walked into that little clinic in Cubao. When adults look at you in a hospital and spot you looking all-so-innocent and sticking your little tummy too much to accomodate your chin being held so high, there’s only one thing they can think of about your purpose in such a small clinic as this: Forget the brown Manila envelope she’s carrying, she’s a preggy little child. Thankfully I break their encompassing thoughts and ask the nurse at the reception regarding my medical exam. I hand her the papers provided by the company I’ll be working my ass for and she gives me forms to fill out for each process. About 4 papers are given, and the things to look out for (to save time) are the blanks the nurse has “checked”. Meaning, these are the only things you have to answer like your Name, Address, E-mail, the name of the company you’ll be working for and your signature signed under a printed version of your full name (‘printed’ means in all caps.) and then the date. Just so you wouldn’t have to spend thirty minutes reading all the forms. I am grateful that I’ve always been late in high school.

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#458 Taksikab

April 3, 2011

I have a lot of gay friends. And it was bad that I was not able to bring them with me upon watching this film.

Starring numerous upcoming indie artists, including this guy mentioned in the photo, Taksikab is a movie that I cannot only stress as a gay movie. But one can classify it as a gay movie. I did not feel aroused in anyway, but I did feel guilty for not tagging along some of my other gay friends, that way I might’ve at least enjoyed the movie.

But to classify it as a pristine indie film, or a classic to my future children —- it would be hard to at least remember it as a good indie film. I didn’t like this film not because I hate LGBT films. I just felt that there were too many characters to even focus on, and the complexity of the plot didn’t match up to what I was expecting.

Just to remind myself though, I did like one part of the film. This guy’s role:

And because he’s Jinggoy Ejercito’s nephew, I guess part of his contract was to not show half of his body, except for his butt cheeks. And to refuse anal sex for his character’s role. Although I did like the part, somehow because it wasn’t at all to gruesome for my senses, because I could feel the awkwardness in his acting, it didn’t quite own up to the strength of his co-actor in the scene thus it left me feeling uncomfortable for him like I was wanting him to just get out of there. But at least for a first timer he had this film under his belt.

If one would ask me if I’d watch this again? Sure I would. But maybe with someone so I wouldn’t feel very much uncomfortable as I felt now.