#412: Winged Creatures

June 7

Winged Creatures is a film that offers a simple but complex, story that is shown in a fragmented plot. A man walks into a diner and shoots, leaving couple of strangers survive the murder-suicide.

I love this film. First of all, I will forgive the title (and thank the other title of this film as it’s DVD is released in the US as Fragments) which had nothing to do at all with the movie. But for some reason, several winged creatures are seen flying around the film which have nothing to do at all about the film’s plot and the complexity of the story (which, I’d hate to spoil it again, would definitely ruin you’re concentration on the progress of the film’s plot). I’ve read it somewhere that the director of this film, australian director Rowan Woods, likes to add the named creatures as cameo roles on his films just like his other film called Little Fish which is about a heroin addict’s life played by Cate Blanchett and definitely not about anchovies or tadpoles. But I thought of something metaphoric about it anyway, and it works for me.

This film stars a couple of familiar actors. Dakota Fanning is as expected a very good actress. Her role works well for her age and she clearly understood how naive and lost her character Anne was after the tragedy and how she immediately turns to religion to mask the pain and fear and doubt. Forest Whitaker plays Charlie, the gambling father who after the tragedy runs away from the hospital, buys a bike shirt and some shorts, wins $10,000 at a game and loses it overnight. He tries to live in the present, however his daughter played by Jennifer Hudson is being questioned for the whereabouts of his father who’s been gone for a couple of days.

Inclusive of the tragedy is Carla, a waitress at the local diner whom was able to call the cops once she, ahem, gets the chance to call the cops is played by Kate Beckinsale. After the tragedy, as she is being asked by the hospital psychologist if she is by any chance alright, answers him in a blank expression.

As the characters go back to their lives in the hopes of regaining trust, atonement, and reconciliation after what the tragedy has caused their psych to contain, not much of the characters though are being fully developed. The use of flashback is evident to make us understand piece by piece the reasons why some characters could not fully comprehend their ends to their situation. Some characters, such as Guy Pierce’s Dr. Bruce Laraby and his wife played by Embedth Davis (The Bicentennial Man) I might add to the winged creatures that should never have been added to the story either.

The character though that I would like to retain for us to complete the story would have to be the role of Jimmy Jasperson which is played by a growing Josh Hutcherson. For without him, no one would ever get a sense of Dakota’s character. His portrayal of the pained teenager wasn’t too overly exerted, and it wasn’t too bad either.



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