The 500 Film Challenge, The Good Stuff

#406: X-Men First Class

18 June 2011

I’ve seen the first two films, but never got to finish the third one. During the cartoon series that was shown every Sunday (or Saturday) morning, my most hated character was Phoenix for I never could understood back then why Magneto nor Professor X and all the other characters would like to be her bitch. My most favorite character then was Rogue, and I always wished she would end up with Gambit. Next was the Beast and the least was Jubilee. Closest to dirt was of course, Phoenix. But I was seven then and all I ever knew about the X-Men was these people. Oh and you can include Magneto and Mystique. But I never had a clue as to how it all began and how it’s going now with these characters on comic.

Which is why I am happy to have seen X-Men:First Class. You can throw in all the comic books you have about these people yet I wouldn’t change my opinion in Matthew Vaughn’s retelling of the iconic character’s core. While most of the film was set entirely in the sixties, the film begins during the Industrial revolution wherein the jews are being segregated and held captive to be burnt off from the face of the earth.

A young Erik Lensherr mysteriously opens a brass gate as he is being taken away from his mother without the use of his bare hands. Scientist Dr. Schmidt (played by Kevin Bacon) discovers that Erik might be a potential weapon to cause mass destruction. In New York, a young Charles Xavier discovers a homeless Raven who will in the sixties turn into the beautiful Mystique and immediately adopts her as his foster sister.

Much to my dismay, it is not true that this phone includes cellphones and lacks the production design to match a sixties inspired film. This film has enough “groovyness” to it for it to be compare to Forest Gump’s sixties era, but not as exaggerated as Austin Power’s mod-inspired designs. But this movie anyway isn’t about how sixties the sixties truly is. It is as a matter of fact a little summarized version of how Magneto, Professor X, Mystique, Havok, Beast, and Banshee came to be.

I just wished they’ve chosen other characters to revive than to bring Angel Salvadorre’s character to life.  And for the second time in big blockbuster history, Edi Gathegi’s character gets killed in a movie (he played Laurent in Twilight.) as he brings to “life” the mutant Darwin who has the power of reactive evolution.

Apart from the other two mutants who side with Dr. Schmidt who will then call himself Sebastian Shaw in the sixties, I could not understand Emma Frost’s importance in any way.

To sum it all up, this film will not only thrill you with special effects that seem too blockbusterry, this film has some good laughs and some good sobbing tearjerking scenes in the end, too. Made me want to go back to my brother’s Milo X-Men cards and do some catching up on the characters. 🙂


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