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Writer’s Block

Or rather, TYPER’s block, eh?

Alright. So this crowd doesn’t enjoy such jokes.I’m about to publish several 500 films post. Just to give you an update, here are the recent films I’ve seen.

— 7 September 2011.. I’ll be adding the list from films 397 to 366

#397: A Clockwork Orange (July 1)
#396: Funny People (July 1)
#395: The Break Up (July 2)
#394: Pearl Harbor (July 3)
#393: Monte Carlo (July 3)
#392: To Catch a Thief (July 4)
#391: Before Sunset (July 5)
#390: Home for the Holidays (July 7)
#389: Toy Story 3 (July 8 )
#388: The Incredibles (July 9)
#387: Guys and Dolls (July 9)
#386: Burn After Reading (July 9)
#385: Date Night (July 10)
#384: Love and Other Drugs (July 11)
#383: Going the Distance (July 11)
#382: Salt (July 11)
#381: Let Me In (July 11)

#380: The Merry Gentleman (July 14)
#379: Along Came Polly (July 17)
#378: Daybreakers (July 17)
#377: Iron Man 2 (July 17)
#376: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 23)
#375: All About Steve (July 24)
#374: Cars (July 24)
#373: Post Grad (July 25)
#372: Mary and the Secret Garden (July 31)
#371: Interview with the Vampire (July 31)
#370: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (July 31)
#369: The Good Girl (July 31)
#368: San Lazaro (Aug 2)
#367: Busong (Aug 3)
#366: Under the Tuscan Sun (Aug 3)
#365: Carrie (Aug 3)
#364: Once (Aug 4)
#363: Thank You for Smoking (Aug 6)
#362: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Aug 5)
#361: Maid in Manhattan (Aug 6)
#360: Shadow of A Doubt(Aug 8 )
#359: The Birds (Aug 10)
#358: My Giant (Aug 10)
#357: Superbad (Aug 10)
#356: Goodfellas (Aug 11)
#355: Nowhere to Hide (Aug 11)
#354: Magnifico (Aug 14)
#353: Inglorious Basterds (Aug 14)
#352: Crazy, Stupid, Love (Aug 20)
#351: MacGruber (Aug 21)
#350: Scott Pilgrim VS The World (Aug 22)
#349: Pan’s Labyrinth (Aug 22)
#348: Apt Pupil (Aug 23)
#347: Dear Manang, I Love You (Aug 25)
#346: Being There (Aug 28)
#345: The Virgin Suicides (Sep 3)
#344: Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington (Sep 4)
#343: You Again (Sep 4)
#342: Dahil Sa’Yo (Sep 5)
#341: Hindi Sa Atin Ang Buwan (Sep 5)
#340: Ex Press (Sep 5)
#339: Elegy to the Visitor from the Revolution (Sep 5)


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

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      Old Soul

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