Letters to the Unknown

Dear You,

Whoever you are, you must be one of the unlucky ones who happened to stumble by this post through spam websites and searched for the terms Naked Women or Guns and Notebooks or movies. Yes, you unlucky reader. Or if your a bit like me, you must’ve found me through the wordpress Recently Posted blogposts attempting to copy a post while suffering on a great deal of writers block. But I doubt it that your just like me. Because nobody’s exactly alike. Even twins. With the exception of fraternal twins of course, and yes I pity the siamese/conjoined twins because I don’t know how I can exclude this from this rule.

I just believe they are excluded. Because nobody are alike. Even best friends. Most especially soulmates.

This reminds me of that Paolo Coelho novel, Brida. Its one of my favorites. If you happen to have browsed through my posts, you’ll find that I fancy films. But I also like books so I’ll try and bring them up in this post.

If you’re the kind who likes to read long posts, then you’re in the right place.

So anyway, about Brida. This book had left me a good and bad feeling about finding soulmates, meeting soulmates, loving them until you understand that you’re in the right place to have them. Or to have found them. Or the fact that you will soon understand that you might be in the wrong time and place to have met the One.
A friend of mine who likes boys (and often times girls) whom I shared this thought about what I felt about the book responded to me by saying “so I am right then in trying my best to find my soulmate in everyone?”
I just stared at her when she said this and I shrugged. This friend of mine is pretty, and she knows it. She also knows that boys (and oftentimes girls, too) like her. It doesn’t bother me much that she’s like this. What bothers me is when she gets hurt by doing the things she does.

I couldn’t agree with her either because I don’t think that’s what the whole point means. Its difficult to walk into a room with people having their eyes towards you. And not in the Elephant in the Room kind-of-way.
It’s difficult to just spend time with any kind of person. Especially if your impressions about them are different once you get to really know them.

Well anyway, I’m not looking forward to making this a long post. I hope that whoever reads this has had a bad day. Or a good day, I wish.


3 thoughts on “Letters to the Unknown”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my disasterpiece blog. The piece linked to in the above comment was rendered from about five or six spam emails. I, like everyone else, hardly ever look into my junk folder except to empty it and briefly scan for misplaced submissions to my ezine.

    1. it was humorous. kind or reminds me of that website for writers wherein you get to pick a couple of words and create poetry out of those words.the words are words from a song, broken down into words, and then you get to pick each words to formulate another poem.

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