Just saw the Amazing Spiderman last night with the best guy in the worrrrld. Yes, emphasis on the ‘world’ and I do have to add ‘the’ into the title for grammatic emphasis..

I haven’t logged on for a while and I miss writing/typing here. I have to make this quick though since I’ve got a lot of movies to watch today.

The AMAZING SPIDERMAN wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t that amazing for my taste.Andrew Garfield has shown his tricks in becoming the masked hero.. I miss the shy-typed Spidey but his portrayal of Peter Parker is okay in terms of his theatrical moves.

The story was upgraded into returning back to Parker’s past when his parents have left him. Rhys Ifans premiers as The Lizard[man] and as always he lays the character roles really well. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy is lacking in terms of Stacy’s bitchy vibe, but we all love Emma Stone so whatever she does we accept it with all our hearts (chos!)…

I’ll give this a 3.95/5