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You Intolerable Insomniac

I am sleepy. Definitely. It’s just that I’ve got so much to think about and so much to do. Have you ever got that feeling?

racoon eyes

I actually published this earlier with a different paragraph right after this photo. For some reasons I lost it. Anyway, for a person with a lot of free time I am quite busy. I have thought of keeping a schedule but then someone had just told me that I was becoming a killjoy. And so at the moment I’m just trying to think of better ways to do what I want to do next. Hopefully I’ll figure this out.

I am so sorry, I know you might be thinking of storming out and jumping back to your facebook page. I swear I’ll get back to you with some film experiences about some films you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. I’ll be coming back with a new 500 Movie Challenge with flexible offers and rules. I’ll be sharing something about films such as The Vow, Morning Glory, Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There), and Cosmopolis.

Gotta get a clearer mind. Good night.

Writer's Block Miseries

The Pleasures of Being Single

I had a friend who posted that they will be going over at the Shangri-la Mall in Shaw Boulevard and watch films for the CineEuropa festival from 1pm to 7pm onwards. He was single so I was glad for him that he was able to go on a watch galore. Until I remembered I had a blog that was a bit popular among my multiply friends, probably because they knew who I was and that this blog post seemed like a breakthrough for me.

I got this from my own Multiply account so don’t even say I plagiarized this. Forgive me for any mistakes I may have committed in this post but yeah, sure, read along.

Jul 16, ’07  6:20 AM for everyone

Seriously, when someone asks you about being single, and then gives you those huge sighed faces you just can’t help but ask yourself why you give yourself such disposition and let yourself be left out of the “it” crowd in the world where everyone expects you to be with someone. And I mean someone in the manner that you can sometimes not help but yelp about it and really, really wonder and ponder why, why, why are you the odd girl out?

But actually, there is no such thing as a pressure of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Hence it’s a matter of choice and the right timing. And instead, enjoying the SINGLE  life is one thing that makes a person’s youth a whole lot better. I mean, you can do a lot of things in your own way, and spend a lot of time with a lot of people without the pressure of crashing an appointment or a date with someone. And most especially, you can spend time with knowing yourself by building up your inner self, by ways that only God can do,

I am writing this because I am in Being single the same disposition as you or the many others who are striving to Is not improve themselves by having that significant other. And then in the end a curse.turns out in a wrong way that they often blame themselves for lacking this, It’s a gift. lacking that in the relationship that they have or they had. And for them to realize that being single is one thing that they should be proud of. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your mid-thirties or in your mid twenties, don’t ask yourself why that guy hasn’t come up to you yet or why haven’t you gotten a hubby on Valentines day, please do keep in mind that true love isn’t a thing that rely’s on people’s opinions or peer pressure. It’s something that’s ought to happen, and about to happen. In one way that you can’t predict.

Anyway, why the heck are we talking about love? Let’s enjoy being single! Okie?

Well, I am not single now. I was 17 at the moment and I was enjoying the single life. And grammatical errors.  It gets boring sometimes but sometimes it feels rewarding. Like you can always have the entire day to do things yourself.

But it feels different now, especially since I do have someone special now. We both reward ourselves of going back to our own Single selves (anyway, we’re not married. So technically we’re still single… but not ready to mingle. Sorry guys 😉 ). That’s the pleasure of lovin’.

Writer's Block Miseries


If the clock strikes 1:30, I’m getting out of my seat and into my chair outside, face the blazing sun, and do my laundry.
While doing so, I shall make sure that my dogs eat. I will feed them with rice and last night’s supper. I look up at the sky and realize that I’ve only seen a sky like this at the airport. Or during that trip we had to Puerto Galera. It reminded me of a childhood I will always look back at and that things moved at a slow pace. The only problem I had back then was how to do my math homework and that English paper we had to print out on a computerized version. My mother had just bought a typewriter she never knew would be sold by our brother a few years later.


I don’t miss work. That’s one thing I’m proud of saying. I miss the people at work of course. Some that I would say have made an impact on my early adult life by being friends with me, some have made an impact on how people can really manipulate other people, and some who may or may not have had a regard of me as a person who has made an impact on their lives. I can’t explain how that has happened but I just know that I will miss them big time.

Anway, going back to my laundry duties.

blogger, Writer's Block Miseries


Here’s a blogpost that has been waiting for me to press the ‘publish’ button for over two years. I got bored, too, so I browsed through my drafts and tadaaa… here it is.


I got bored so I browsed through my drafts.

My drafts are a mix of confusing grammar, unerring thoughts, stammered opinions, and just things that I was thankful I hadn’t automatically hit the Publish button.

If you happened to have stumbled upon this blog before, then you surely you must’ve noticed that I mainly blog about films. But before I was even open to writing about my film experiences (either as a whole or as a piece of crap that I still wished I never said..), I was among those silly little girls who sat around the corner thinking of how to end the world of the bitches.

Not entirely. But something like that.

But I am a little silly girl. I was. I’m not sure if I still am. But stumbling upon this post that I had a year ago. Last edited was on August 6, 2010.  I was writing twenty things I would do for the next twelve months. Like a resolution.

I just turned twenty last week. Yay!

A total of 104 friends greeted me through Facebook while ten people stayed up in the wee hours of the morning to greet me on or before midnight (which I of course was able to read in the morning..). Thanks a lot guys!

Now that I’m no longer a teen, here are a couple of things I’d like to achieve while I’m still in my “twenties”:

Meet Robert Pattinson in the flesh, and write the movie he’s staring in.

So what if you’re not into him like I do, at least I’m not trying to meet him and drool all over his face. Plus, I want him to portray something he’s never portrayed before: Jose Rizal, our national hero. Just kidding! Well, I have thought about what character/job I can give him but that’s something I can’t tell you yet.

Eat 50 eggs in one sitting.

Like the one Paul Newman did in Cool Hand Luke. Okay. Just two. One on breakfast, one on the evening.

Learn two more languages.

Sugoi!.. And continue with the french lessons. 🙂

Run in a full marathon.

Boost up on the endurance! 🙂

Submit your draft to Dorrance Publishing.

Right. It’ll be done in two more months.. two more months, I promise!

Visit a relative you never knew you had.

Thanks, Facebook for making it possible to know that I have cousins who look a lot like my father, and for cousins who live just in North Avenue.

Save up for your future “child”.

Although at the moment this will not be possible, it’s best to save up something for the future just in case. Like, maybe, a lost baby ends up in your doorstep.

Keep it up with them Bangs.

I’ve had these on and off since I was four. Either as an accessory to a homemade apple-cut courtesy of my mom, or as an accident I’ve made one evening while I was hating on my forehead, I think it’s better to just stay there. On your forehead. It kind of adds the mystery.

Martha Grimes is my new Hero.

Her Richard Jury series has kept me up in the afternoon, rolling in the bed at every Old English suspense she writes. I haven’t read this way since Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series.

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today..

..But I just turned my head away. Sings She and Him’s Zooey Deschanel. The past is at its rightful place. Time to focus on what matters more importantly.


Don’t limit yourself to Cable TV. There’s a lot of films out there (namely the ones in the hanging cabinet in your room filled with films, the ones in the living room, and the ones waiting to be mentioned by your Cinephile friends..)

I’ll get back to you in a few days to check if I have done something in these posts. 🙂