Writer's Block Miseries


If the clock strikes 1:30, I’m getting out of my seat and into my chair outside, face the blazing sun, and do my laundry.
While doing so, I shall make sure that my dogs eat. I will feed them with rice and last night’s supper. I look up at the sky and realize that I’ve only seen a sky like this at the airport. Or during that trip we had to Puerto Galera. It reminded me of a childhood I will always look back at and that things moved at a slow pace. The only problem I had back then was how to do my math homework and that English paper we had to print out on a computerized version. My mother had just bought a typewriter she never knew would be sold by our brother a few years later.


I don’t miss work. That’s one thing I’m proud of saying. I miss the people at work of course. Some that I would say have made an impact on my early adult life by being friends with me, some have made an impact on how people can really manipulate other people, and some who may or may not have had a regard of me as a person who has made an impact on their lives. I can’t explain how that has happened but I just know that I will miss them big time.

Anway, going back to my laundry duties.


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