Writer's Block Miseries

Four Days To Go

…Before the predicted End of the World.


That day is also a special day for me and my most favorite guy in the world (well, okay, second best to you, Dad.). Since I am still stuck at home with nothing to do but gloat, eat, pray, and love, I’ve decided to entertain myself by taking pictures of my current bosses.




Scared the Cat


Scared the Cat has been busy lately chasing away our neighbor’s cat who has been claiming territory of whether who is cuter. We have accused him for peeing on the couch but since the couch is one of his favorite hangouts, we now have suspicions that our neighbor’s cat is responsible for this. Hence the territory claims.



Davey the Dog


Davey the Dog has successfully enchanted our other dog Tempe (photo below). She is now two months pregnant. We’re hoping for a cuter bunch but I guess we can definitely expect that from her. We still have no idea what breed of dog she is.

Tempe, literally the temperamental dog


Tempe is fourteen years old (two years in human years). He hasn’t had a decent bath since he was born. He has many phobias and this includes hugs or baths. When I once tried to give him a bath by hugging him, he peed all over and pooped directly into my pants. Oh dear help us.

Chi chi

Chi-chi looks just like a chihuahua, is two feet tall and is probably expecting a child soon too. She likes to smile at us and so it wasn’t that hard to get a shot of her this way.

MIlky / Whitey

Milky / Whitey suffers from skin rashes. Due to a month’s supply of sardines which I didn’t know had this effect on dogs like her. She is  Davey’s daughter and likes hugs and has no choice but to like baths. She once had a strange affliction of lying on remnants of burnt leaves. She’s still alive.





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