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The 500 Film Challenge Year Two

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I am currently suffering insomnia, so I’ve decided to update everyone about this year’s challenge.

The 500 Film Challenge – Year 2

Unfortunately, due to numerous incidents wherein I had lost my list of films (inducing much more writer’s block into my system… all I could do is sigh.), I decided not to finish Year 1. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it again this year, right?

So if you’re one of the many few who’s seen this challenge and may have decided to do one for yourself, well thank you very much for joining. Here are new rules I have made for this year’s challenge.

1.)    I started this at exactly January 1, 2013. Since today’s the 29th of March, you may still begin anytime soon. As long as you finish it exactly the same day you began a year later.

2.)    If you’re interested in joining and would want to gain popularity, notoriety, and bragging rights to being the first 500 Film Challenge winner, you must have the following: a stack of movies; an updated list of films which indicate if you’ve already written a review for it or not; your own website, blog, or Facebook Page (if you write your reviews in notes, whatsoever), kindly send me a link to it so I can share this to other challengers and/or readers of this blog; if you prefer writing your reviews for your school paper, or local newspaper, if you can send me a scanned version of your reviews then that would be great! Challengers may send me an email at

3.)    The challenge is 500 films, 500 reviews (or movie experiences, if you prefer treating it that way), in 1 year. Short films are allowed as long as they’re about thirty minutes long. It is important that you write a review for every film you’ve seen. Please indicate the date, the usual credits (doesn’t really matter if you put in all of the crew) and if it is a short film or a full length film.

4.)    You may squeeze in a list of reviews in one post. Just limit it to ten movies and up to 300 words per film.

5.)    Wouldn’t it be more challenging if you’ve created a full review? It’s fun, trust me. I would appreciate it if you’d be a sport and at least make sure that 80% of the film reviews are full.

6.)    If you own a blog or a website, you may also send me the number of views every time you’ve posted a new review. I’d be more than happy to share it to other challengers.

7.)    If you are interested in joining, you may send me an email at or you may also reply to this post.

8.)    I am still thinking of a way to reward the challenge winner. If you have suggestions, you may send me an email about it. I haven’t started a fundraiser for this yet so monetary prizes are not allowed. If you do have an idea of what the prize should be, send me an email about it. Be creative. Awkward and inappropriate suggestions will not be entertained.

Here’s looking forward to a better challenge year. Cheers to you all!


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