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I do believe it when people say that sleep is overrated. I was having this talk with a girlfriend when I realized that I belong to this generation of people that spend most of their waking moments up and awake. The longest I’ve ever stayed up awake was 36 hours. My body was usually filled with caffeine the first time I tried staying up that much, which had caused me to skip coffee for two years since I’d get palpitations like crazy and the effect didn’t make me stay up but rather be more tired and sleepy.

Nowadays I’d be up that long and have alcohol in my system. The last time I was like this I was 19. I was smart enough not to join my classmates in high school whenever they’d have their round of drinks after school. The group of people I hung out with when I was 18 or 19 were really hard drinkers. My mom would probably kill me if she were alive to see me like this.

So, sleep is still overrated. I just find it difficult to catch up on it. Sometimes, I stay in bed and just stare at the ceiling, distracted as I wonder what time I should wake up or what to wear or what the hell did I just read. Or what time he’s taking his lunch. Or why the hell does it smell like cooked flesh outside. Or how many cobwebs have formed on my side of the room since I’ve been travelling back and forth from here to my real house. Since I spend a max of 9 hours in this bed (which is rarely once to twice a week), I can still smell the fabric softener I used on it two weeks ago. Darn. I rarely have dreams, too.

Sleep is very much overrated. But I miss it.


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