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Things to do before 2013 ends

1.) Watch CinemaOne Originals, and the rest of the other film festivals.

– it’s no one’s fault, but the delay of accomplishing this year’s 500 film challenge has got to do with the fact that you’ve lost the excel file where 300 of the films you’ve seen this year are listed. It’s no one’s fault and so I’d like to put the blame on myself instead. And so before the year ends, I’d like to catch up on the remainder of my list by attending this year’s CinemaOne Originals.

2.) Remember that you’re already twenty-three.

– unlike other twenty-three year olds, I’ve just decided on what to take up for college. But keeping in mind I’ll be twenty-four. Six years from next year I’ll be thirty. Yikes. Did I gave it my all? Never be afraid to take up on a new challenge (no breakfast prepared? take a walk and for sure a nearby shake stand is ready to whip up a healthy breakfast for you.), take risks and do whatever it takes to conquer your fears. Yes, that number one fear is..

Yes. I only got two on my list. Shit.


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