GIRLS Catch-up: Season 1 Episode 1

GIRLSSSSS!!! Our favorite TV show is back on air starting January 19! But before we all get to see our favorite Girls Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shosh, here’s a quick recap of the season that started it all.





Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath

Allison Williams as Marnie Michaels

Jemima Kirke as Jessa Johannsen

Zosia Mamet as Shoshanna Shapiro

Adam Driver as Adam Sackler

Alex Karpovsky as Ray Phloshansky

Christopher Abbott as Charlie Dattolo


Jessa’s back from a long European trip and the rest of the gang is getting ready to welcome her through dinner. The first scene takes us to that brief argument between Hannah and her parents about them cutting her off from their expenses and that she needs to find a real job. This reminds me of that same issue Winona Ryder’s Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites. But here we find a different response as these women who seem to represent our generation’s version of Girls. As the show’s creator Lena Dunham says in her interview with Alec Baldwin through his podcast in Here’s The Thing: – WNYC  the characters she created for the show are girls who are somewhat of an in-betweeners of that of Gossip Girl, and that of Sex and the City.

True enough, in this pilot episode we find a poster of Sex and the City hanging in Shoshanna’s room. She welcomes Jessa in a jumper and references the characters of SATC to Jessa’s pure bewilderment.

In this episode we find Marnie, awoken by a phone call from Hannah’s phone. She finds her boyfriend, Charlie in the kitchen who caresses her face as he hands over the coffee and she hands him a pretzel. She later tells Hannah that his touch feels like a weird uncle. She has this discontented air about their relationship that she can’t put a finger on and we feel that. She feels frustrated about it and so do I. I feel frustrated that she can’t put a finger on what she wants with Charlie.

The same frustration goes for Hannah as she thinks of ways in how to earn a living. For pete’s sake she’s been working as an intern for two years after graduating from University. But she gets kicked out for some reason by her boss, thinking  that her request to be paid was that she actually wanted to quit. Also because she didn’t have any special talents unlike the other intern who got promoted because she was good at Photoshop.

She takes refuge in Adam, who in this episode doesn’t display that he’s a psycho yet, but prefers having scary sex with her by whispering something a little bit on the sinister side, letting her lie down on her tummy and grab hold to her legs. But he is charming in this episode, and we see why Hannah is into him in the next episodes.

That night Marnie hosts a welcome dinner for Jessa. Charlie attempts to have sex with her in the kitchen and then suddenly the doorbell rings and he tells her he invited over his cynical bestfriend Ray. Marnie exhibits her Type A personality all over this season (as we all know it) and this night she isn’t as excited as everyone to see Jessa and her calm and cool nature.

After a sudden cup of opium (thanks to Ray), Hannah heads over to her parents’ hotel room and lets them understand that she needs to be paid eleven hundred dollars a month since she cannot afford to live in New York City and pay rent without a job. The opium suddenly kicks in and she passes out while her parents are in a frenzy on what to do with their irresponsible child and the fact that she is high.

The episode ends as Hannah wakes up and finds eleven hundred dollars left by her parents for her, and money they left for housekeeping. But she takes all the cash and goes home.

This scene where she walks in New York city, unaware of what the next few days will go is the perfect pilot for the series. We will later find out that they all have this aspiration to find out who they all are, like most people in our generation these days, through crappy reality television shows or the way we choose who to give ourselves to. These may or may not be the exact representation of today’s twenty-somethings, but I can easily relate to their feeling of finding out what they are, through series of life’s harsh realities: successful or failed relationships, accomplished careers or no career at all even after college, all expressed in Dunham’s witty writing.

How ’bout you, what did you think of this episode?



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