Don’t expect too much awesomeness

Author of this blog and other pre-existing but unwittingly un-entertaining blogs in this side of the universe, Underthefiretree24 is not a photo blog. Sorry to disappoint you. You’ve been to the wrong place. We discuss films here, and most of the photographs you might see would consist a cat named Scared, a dog named Davy, and all other puppies you’ve never seen and will perhaps never see again. The author is not a critic so don’t you worry about your film (if, you’re one of those filmmakers who put a grudge on anyone who sees their films and hate it.), like most of us who love Cinema, we just wanna share what we feel. Our experiences are limited to our own thoughts but are not limited to those who wish to listen and relate.

Often times you might read the author asking a bit of philosophical questions. We like asking here.

Go fetch a log.







8 thoughts on “Don’t expect too much awesomeness”

  1. WOw! You’re a movieholic! does that term exists? LOL!

    We may differ in many things, but five things are common in us: I’m also loquacious and a vegetarian, I love singing, I’m also a blogger here at WP & I’m also affiliated with the Freelance Writers of the Phils!

    Nice meeting you Princess! 🙂


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