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I’d Like To Be Under The Sea

I GUESS it’s just fair to say that Octopus’ Garden is one of my favorite Beatles’ song (right after Yellow Submarine, Free As A Bird, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and whatever else I may have forgotten..). I mean who wouldn’t? It’s written by Ringo Starr, it’s lovely, and it gets to you like a lullabye in your sleep, in which all you ever want to do is play it all over and over again just to understand the lyrics and to confirm if the song was made for you.

According to George Harrison, this was the second song that Ringo has ever written and one of the songs Lennon and McCartney have disregarded from Ringo. The beat is just cosmic and I ultimately think that it’s one of those songs that makes you wanna go back to those Flower Power days.

Here are a couple of footages off from Youtube..

Isn’t it so nice? Plus, it’s Ringo Starr singing.. not the usual Beatles’ thing known to mankind these days. No pun intended. Plus, all for of them are totally awesome (and I don’t usually say ‘awesome’) what with all the playing they’ve done in the early parts of their career as a band playing in a local bar in London, who wouldn’t play better music than them of course??!

Anyway, Beatles fan or not, let me know ’bout your thoughts on this post by leaving a comment. 🙂