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The Titus Brandsma Experience

February 19, 2011 is the date for my very first Titus Brandsma film showing experience. Don’t ask me where it’s located, all I know is that it’s like a congregation that does a little film showing once in every month of the year. They showcase about four films depending on the month’s theme for free. Since last month was all about love, these were the following movies I was able to watch. And it honestly helped me with the 500 Movie Challenge that I’m currently doing (since I’m they’ll be showing 4 movies in one day, yay!). unfortunately, I was not able to finish Marilou Diaz – Abaya’s Tanikala which could be exciting to add on this list but I guess I’ll just look for a copy of it next time. Anyway. I’m excited to attend the next session on the 19th. Hihi!

In case you are interested (and are in the Philippines, in Metro Manila to be exact) to join this monthly screening, please do send me an email at

#491: Oasis (S.K., 2002)

Oasis is an unconventional love story about a midly mentally disabled thirty-something man who was just released after being accused of manslaughtering a man, and a woman with severe cerebral palsy. This film happens to be Lee Chang-Dong’s third feature film which stars Sol Kyung-Gu and Moon So-ri.

All I can remember (my apologies) is that the main lead characters are both oblivious to societies rules. One, being a man who’s a little mentally disabled and one who never conforms to what society expects him to be, turns out to be someone who’s capable of loving another individual. The female lead on the other hand also gave out a stupendous performance as a person with cerebral palsy. The parts wherein she would just stare at Hong Jong Du and suddenly we’re brought into her part of the story wherein she imagines that she’s able to just act like a normal person around him. The climactic parts of the film were alright. The ending however was.. clean.

#490: Walang Pag-ibig Sa Bunga

A short film by one of my Cinephile friends in Facebook, Epoy Deyto‘s winning entry in the UP Short Films last year. It was about 10 minutes long and it was made in sotanghon noodles, a puso ng saging walking around via stop motion, and a clear depiction of love in its simplest, cutest way.

Nope I wasn’t high when we all saw this in Titus. I was, in fact, eating Pancit Bihon. 😉

#489: I Girasoli (Sunflower)

One word: Heartbreaking

Vittorio De Sica is one to blame for making me cry. Most of his films that I’ve seen (including this one, obviously) include The Bicycle Thief wherein not only did I cried buckets full of tears, but felt that deep human emotion that you can possibly, and narrow it down to, for a lack of a better word, call as Pity.

This movie is about love lost, love found, but love that one can never have again. Just watch it and you’ll probably feel angry at gwapables Marcello Mastroianni OR feel pity (or feel something else..?) at Sofia Loren.