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I Spit On Your Grave 2010

5 November 2011

I Spit On Your Grave

When a beautiful woman from the city goes into a small town and rents a cabin to finish her latest novel, she realises she may have caught the attraction of a couple of locals.

 In a perverted, sardonic, and sick way.

 Adapted from the 1978 film titled Day of the Woman, I spit On Your Grave is a raw, straight-on horror-thriller-sadonistic shocker that’s not a spite of the ordinary film. Absolutely not for the fainted hearted, once Jessica Hills asks help from one of the locals to fix the water pippings, a little peck on the plumber, a stuttering young man named Matthew (played by Chad Lindberg) takes this peck seriously and forgets to get the payment for his services. Along with some sick friends of his who spotted Jennifer earlier at the gas station, they plan to visit her at her home later that night. This unexpected visit from locals she felt she had embarassed earlier at the service station brings an instant nightmare of degradation, rape and violence.

 Left almost dead, Jennifer stands up in a complete mess, naked but never facing her male attackers. She walks almost out of the woods and into a bridge while her attackers slowly follows her from behind. A last glance at them and she jumps off the bridge, miraculously staying deep into the river and never to show up again in more than a month.

The lowlife locals, alarmed that her carcass might soon turn up at the end of the ravine. continue to search for her by the river, burning all of her possessions that may be claimed as evidence. A couple of months after, signs of that day haunt them one-by-one until Jennifer finally returns back to seek vegeance. Sarah Butler performs frighteningly fit for the role of Jennifer as she inflicts acts of physical torture to each of her attackers until the torment has completely surpassed her. Both the actor and the character succeeds in providing us mad solution to the story’s main problem. Here we find a woman who never agrees to be overpowered by her male attackers.

Reminds of Francois Truffaut’s The Bride Who Wore Black, except that the heroine is also the victim of the story, and I guess the physical torture performed by Jennifer is much more grotesque while that of The Bride is a bit more eloquent.

Andrew Howard's Sheriff Storch gets a taste of his own medicine

Cast include Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills who plays the role perfectly. Jeff Branson as the egotistic Johnny, Rodney Eastman as Andy, Daniel Franzese as the perverted aspiring freak filmmaker Stanley, Chad Lindberg as the insane nervous wreck Matthew, and Andrew Howard (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) as the perverted Sheriff Storch.

Frightening, freaky, perverted, pitiful, disturbing, and sickening. The rape scene, although not as long as the one in Irreversible, is the most unsettling and emotionally eerie performances I’ve ever seen. Granted to give you the chills whether you’re a man or a woman.