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This Post isn’t Super Awesome

Caution: This post allows a few personal notions about myself that I’ve been trying best not to divulge ever since I’ve setup this website. If you may have read a few of my posts and have seen any info that’s surely gonna make you walk up to me and say “Hey, I’ve seen your cat.How is Scared? Is he dead?” or “Hey, aren’t you that folk that likes to write briefly about movies? Are you scared to post something risky?” or something like “Why the hell would you post a photo of yourself just so you could find yourself on google?” then I won’t say I’m sorryyou read that but I do apologize if I have wasted your time. Especially on a title as ridiculous as “I eWante You Zoo Bade”.. or something like that. Don’t expect too much awesomeness.

It’s been a looong long time  since I’ve had a bender. The longest I’ve had was three and a half days.The most recent one I had gone like this:

Day One: Tuesday, Ordinary Funky Day

I had a drink with my sister and our other sister just because we wanted to. We suddenly had the urge to watch The Killer’s Royal Albert Hall concert on DVD and just drink,drink, drink.

And so we did drink,drink,drink. Ate, ate,ate,ate. Danced,danced,danced,danced. And smoked, smoked, smoked. After that DVD, we switched to a more mellow pace by watching I Girasolli (Sunflower, Vittorio de Sica), a dramatic film starring Marcelino Mastroianni and Sophia Loren as husband and wife separated by the war and end up losing that certainty of the future due to an unexpected twist of fate. The film is known in local filipino cinema to be the basis for that Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta flick in the 90s. Loren’s epic faith in finding her husband who was lost in the war only to have completely lost him in the end (I know, I know.. confusing. You’ll get this if you watch this flick..)th


By this time mysister had gone to sleep since she still had work to do by the evening. We’ve finished a bottle of tequila and gin, (and a few cigarettes, sorry) and moved on to the next film. Pedro Almodovar’s Hable con Ella (Talk to Her), about two men and their women, both in a coma. I was moved when I first saw the film, what more with heightened senses, the first scene in which Benigno Martin and Marco Zuluaga both seating next to each other in a theater as they watch a dance recital in which two women are blind and aided by the music and a man that keeps them from hitting the scattered chairs onstage. Both strangers to each other, Benigno notices Marco cry and wonders how the recital has some sort of effect on the guy. A must watch for mothers and sisters who are hopelessly romantic and are in need of something poetically brilliant, from the master of female empowered films.escenas-hable-con-ella-2002

My sister woke up and we pretended to be drunk. This is when my body suddenly betrays me and does things I try NOT to do. Vision suddenly spins as fast as a television screen on V-Hold.

To cut the story short, I ended up having two burns: one on the left hand and one on my wrist. All incurred non-violently. Sister thought I was an ashtray and I suddenly lost my sense of pain and burnt my finger with newly cooked soup. Had the best sleep on Wednesday.

I went on to drink again on Sunday. And on Monday.

I do have updates on my current project though. I’m still on 100+ films. I sigh a lot when I see my list. I won’t disappoint myself this time though. I’ll finish the list this year. Period.

If you do have any comments or suggestions on what to give the winning challenger this year, let me know.

Tonight’s watchlist: Grotesque (Gorotesuku, 2009), and The Naked City (1948). I’m currently reading Anatomy of Film. And that flimsy book called Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.

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Wish me luck.