A Reintroduction from my 6th year in WordPress

Back in the early oughts, one can take a lousy article title such as: “Why do we take things for granted” and get away with it. Write in detail the things that has happened in the course of your day and voila, you’re a blogger. Hence, the boom of all these fashion blogs inspiring you to write and to post photographs of you in the latest fashion. It’s amazing how things have changed from WordPress and other blogging sites to serve host as your online belle du jour journal ala Bridget Jones, to taking criticism to the masses and news writing in as easy as setting up an account to creating a massive following of fake news.

I am old school, and I’d like to keep writing about anything under the sun. I’d like to let you know however that it’s been a year since I quit writing for Film Police Reviews. Truly, there is a fine line in one’s search for greatness and fame. The guys who were with me there to share that passion were all amazing, except for the two founders. I had the pleasure of being friends with both but it’s apparently the one person who still invites you to the movies, despite of whatever you’ve said to his face and behind, who’s apparently better in my eyes.

And so I am somewhat back to square one. There’s nothing like rediscovering one’s self. I guess that’s how life is, a series of repetitive sequences, filled with discovery and misery. But alas, that’s probably just me trying to understand what better things I should be doing.