Jessica Zafra

Let Jessica Rule Your Universe

I’ve just registered to Jessica Zafra’s blog which offers great reads from Tennis to Movies to her cats to anything else that’s under —well, — the universe.

I wasn’t really interested in her (in any way) before last, last year. It’s just that I do remember her face: that round faced woman with glasses and long straight hair. I think the first time I saw her was on a television show in ANC or NBN. And of course there’s her column in The Philippine Star which I don’t really read much up until last week.

Sometimes when people on the street mention her name it’s the same face that enters in my mind. And the fact that she’s from UP and she’s written a lot of short stories and blogs for almost her entire life. Well, if you have no idea who she is, here’s here photo (or you can google it. too.)

According to her website, she’s written 11 Twisted books and only two of those I’ve read (Twisted 8 and 8 1/2), had television shows which were cancelled and.. well.. I think it should just be fair if you check her website yourselves and read a piece of herself that you want to know about her.

Anyway, I just happened to view her website which I think is why I even bothered to make a blog about her and my memories of her. And I would like to say thanks to my supervisor who rushed to the bookstore on the 24th of December to buy me the said Twisted books hence educating me of Ms. Zafra’s existence. She is indeed a National treasure. She writes smart and witty bits about Tennis (which I don’t care about at all even if I’ve already read her works..), gadgets, and funny and understandable movie reviews which either move you to tears or make you want to watch the movie as well in the same fashion. Someday when I do meet her, I’d like to introduce her to my cat, Scared and talk about the old movies that should never have been dumped and remade today.