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Dear Woman



You are strong and vulnerable, as the world cannot often accept that one can be susceptible to pain and yet stand firmly on the ground.

You are weak and funny, yet you put the most fearless mask around.

You are a Chamelon; you accept challenges as they are and accept that change is inevitable. It will always be inevitable. In every risk, there’s always something to gain. Something to learn.

There will be monsters in your head, as would anyone that you would encounter in your lifetime. Look beyond what is physical, stick to what you firmly believe in and you will be alright.

You are the maker of this house, but you too can provide for your own home.

Never chase after a boy, for a man will stay by your side and help you with all your dreams and all your fears. A boy would only look at you face to face, and will use your kind spirit for his own strengths and leave.

Do what is right, but accept that you will often make mistakes. Choose your battles, for if you know what is right not only will you win but you will be at your happiest self.

Accept that not everything will be okay. When there is sadness, comes joy.

Build yourself up to be the best that you can be: without comparison, but with grace. Show yourself that you are the champion of your own, the rest of the world will follow suit.

Dear Woman, you are kind, you are beautiful, you are the greatest listener of your soul. Don’t you ever forget that.


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The Little Things

Isn’t ‘goodbye’ the most
Hurtful thing to say?
‘Good bye’ with a wave
Is like handing yourself
To the unknown,
With gratefulness, but also with uncertainty.

Saying ‘good bye’ without a wave of hand
Is like saying that
There’s still a chance
We meet again tomorrow.
Just you wait.
But can you wait forever?

Saying ‘good bye’ by means of a look
Is as if one is supposed to know
What if it isn’t the end?
Does one chose to end it
Just because we assumed,
We thought we understood?

Saying ‘good bye’ without a word,
Nor a look, nor a wave of hand
Not a single tone, zilch.
That hurts the most.
Because in the end
You chose to leave.

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wine or beer?


I whiff a scent of you
Cigars and a musk of confidence.
Is that wine or beer?
I spare my loneliness
In exchange for a moment with you.
I’ve wanted to feel your presence
Yet my question remains,
Is that wine or beer?

I’ve always wanted
A hand to hold,
A face to cheer,
A weekend to spend,
To give a gift so bold,
I’ve waited each year
Yet here you are,
At the end or the line
Holding a glass of wine
Or is that beer?


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I was fifteen, you were sixteen
We lived in a world full of innocence.
You told me things I’d bear in mind
Til I was ninety..
Your words were full of decadence,
I didn’t know they were mixed with uncertainty.
Your face seemed so kind.

Now we’ve taken all our textbooks
Kept them in boxes and in hiding..
And the rest as you say is history.

I was nineteen, you were twenty
The world I live in hasn’t changed
But yours have, including you.
Still you seek refuge in me,
Would you merry me if I helped you?
Catch the girl of your fantasies?

But you said,
All our textbooks have been hidden
On attics we never want to visit
like This old memory of you and me,
everything’s History.

Not everything repeats the way it should,
Especially with the same people
especially you and me.
now stop it if you could,
Bragging that you’re better off without me
i know better now, i know better..
I know better now,
Everything’s history.